About me

I currently work at Mollie, a payment service provider based in Amsterdam. My job is to connect the dots between design and development as a

The Front-end Designer

What’s this front-end design thing you ask? The term was coined by Brad Frost, who writes:

A frontend designer […] lives in a sort of purgatory between worlds:

  • They understand UX principles and best practices, but may not spend their time conducting research, creating flows, and planning scenarios.
  • They have a keen eye for aesthetics, but may not spend their time pouring over font pairings, comparing color palettes, or creating illustrations and icons.
  • They can write JavaScript, but may not spend their time writing application-level code, wiring up middleware, or debugging.
  • They understand the importance of backend development, but may not spend their time writing backend logic, spinning up servers, load testing, etc.

And while I do love pouring over font pairings, upon reading this my first thought was “Hey, this is me!”. So from that point on I’ve been identifying myself as a front-end designer.

I love clean and maintainable code, so I’ve written some coding standards to promote consistency when working in a team. Sometimes I also give presentations or lectures about design and development.

Next to the web, I’m a big fan of music, technology, and reading.

About this site

This site is just static HTML, stitched together with a Gulp build step. It was designed in Sketch and Chrome, and coded in MacVim. A small Digital Ocean droplet covers the hosting.

If you’re interested, I’ve also written a bit more about my setup.